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From Pain to Activism: The Case of Victims of Coerced Sterilizations in Japan

Astghik Hovhannisyan(Russian-Armenian University/ Ritsumeikan University)

□日時 2020年11月16日(月)18:15〜

 Over 16,500 people were forcibly sterilized under the now-defunct Eugenic Sterilization Law (1948-1996) of Japan. However, in contrast to the somewhat similar case of Hansen’s disease survivors, this issue only gained national attention in recent years, and legal attempts to demand government accountability began as late as in 2018. Many of the victims, who were silent about their experience for decades, found themselves in the position of plaintiffs, as well as active agents of the redress movement.
 This talk, based on literature survey, interviews with sterilization victims, as well as records of court proceedings, aims to look into reasons why the issue of coerced sterilizations was practically ignored for such a prolonged period of time, as well as to demonstrate how the sterilized persons turned from silent victims to “accidental activists”.

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